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Pearl Colors & Sizes

Pearl Colors


Pearls come in a wide range of natural colors – white, pink, lavender, golden, black, etc. Colorful pearls could create a very stylish look. The natural colors are produced during the process that pearls are formed. There are several reasons that could make a pearl colorful: type of host oyster – oysters vary in the potential to produce certain colorful pearls; environment that pearls are cultivated in – for instance elements or metals in the water can affect the pearl's color; and the color of the tissue inserted into the oyster. The color is determined by the organic color pigments and metals in the pearl.

When selecting the right pearl color to buy, the most basic guideline you should follow is to select the pearl color that looks the best on you – next to overall personal taste. For example, women who have fair or light colored skin will usually feel that pearls with rose or pink overtones flatter their skin tone the best. Women who tan easily or who have darker skin will usually be complimented best by silver overtones.

The overall body color can play a significant role in determining the price of pearls. For example white or light pink are the highest priced Akoya colors.

Pearl Sizes

Pearl Sizes


The size of round freshwater or saltwater cultured pearls is expressed in terms of diameter measured in millimeters (mm). One millimeter is about 1/25 of an inch. The size of non-round pearls can be expressed in terms of the greatest width and length and in some cases depth. The measurement is generally rounded to the nearest half of whole millimeter. Usually the larger the pearl, the more it costs, depending on availability.

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